Kruunuvuori, The Crown Mountain

The dilapidated villas of Kruunuvuori creek and groan with age; their end is nigh. And yet as the last rays of the day pierce the canopy, the mansion before me reveals its former splendour. The debris on the ground melts away, the trees retreat from view, and the house stands, erect and proud again, to command its position overlooking the gulf of Finland.

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Heart of Lapland

In Joseph Conrad’s masterpiece (or indeed Apocalypse Now, a film heavily based on it), the protagonist treks for days and days in treacherous conditions towards The Heart of Darkness. He is confronted with increasingly bizarre and  disturbing objects, symbols and actions that demonstrate the savagery of the native people.

I’m minded of this I pull into a roadside shop that is selling Sami art…

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